We warmly welcome you to Unilink Travel, established in Moscow in 2001 by a team of close-knit professional travel consultants.

Our aim is to assist you to enjoy discovering new countries, to view wonderful cities, admire unique architecture, relish natural landscapes, witness monuments to  history and cultural heritage, experience traditions and customs in all corners of our planet.

With  pleasure we introduce to you Russia, the world’s largest country. Consider starting the journey in the capital city of Moscow or the cultural capital of Saint Petersburg.

Enjoy  exploring  charming historical towns, medieval monasteries or spectacular unspoiled natural reserves. Journey between the Baltic Sea and the Pacific Ocean, all way along famous Trans-Siberian route.

We will be with you through white nights of St Petersburg  to white ice of vast Baikal  lake, from ruby Kremlin stars to the Golden Ring of Russia, every step on your way.

Feel free to ask us on the essence of travel, the right flights, on appropriate accommodation, for guidance on train tickets and transfers, visa regulations and any queries you may have.

Our belief is to become your travel companion, not just a travel company. To be liked for our services and prices and loved for the memories we wish to create for you.